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Florida Flag Initiative



The Free Florida First believes it is imperative that we restore Constitutional government to the people of our state. Our Founding Fathers gave us a Federal Republic of Sovereign States, and our Southern Ancestors fought to preserve that Republic from 1861-65.

The central government in Washington, DC, was created by sovereign States as an agent for their common interests and was thus delegated few, specific powers. The States and the People under the 10th Amendment retained all other powers. But military force, court decisions, laws, and executive orders not pursuant to the Constitution have overturned all of this. Just as our ancestors feared, the central government has become supreme, defining the limits of it own power. The states have been relegated to the role of mere departments in a nationalized system. This is not the Federated, Constitutional Republic bequeathed us by Washington, Jefferson, Madison and their compatriots.

We believe that the first step in the return journey to Constitutional government must take place in the minds of our People. Citizens should look first to their States and Local Communities, and not to Washington D.C. Yet few Florida flags, the symbol of State sovereignty, are flown to remind our People where their loyalties and responsibilities primarily belong. The U.S. flag, however, is flown widely at the expense of State interests, our eyes being diverted from Tallahassee to Washington DC. The Free Florida First believes this should change. We seek to restore the pride of our People in the Sovereignty and heritage of their State. We want Floridians to think of Florida first.

Therefore, we are asking everyone in the sovereign State of Florida from government, business, to private citizens to proudly display the Florida flag. The U.S. flag should only be flown over Federal buildings, Post Offices and military installations; elsewhere we need to see the flag of the State of FLORIDA prominently displayed. There is no reason for the U.S. flag to be flown over the Florida State Capital or any other state or local governmental building. Moreover, service stations, car dealerships, restaurants, libraries, schools, and homes should be encouraged to wave the State flag and not the Federal banner. This is Florida, and we are not a preserve of the government in Washington DC. Let's stop acting like we are and thus begin the journey back to Sovereign Constitutional State Government.

Show your pride, and fly your Florida Flag!

Florida state flagFile:Florida Flag 1868.pngDuring his term as Governor of Florida, 1889-1893, Francis P. Fleming proposed that modifications to the existing State Flag be made. At that time, the State Flag simply consisted of a white field with the State Seal in the center. Noting that it looked too much like a surrender flag when hanging on the pole, Fleming proposed the addition of the red bars -- an obvious reference to the St. Andrew's Cross device integral to the Confederate "battle flag."



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